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Majevica and the documents of Kolimer's families
On this page, I have posted my personal photos of Kolimer from the 1960s as well as family trees, family photo albums and registry office documents.

Family Trees
Photo Albums
Official dokuments
Grandpa Lazo
Primary School

  Kolimers Fruits  


Old photos of my place of birth, Kolimer and the families, who lived there

The photos following this text are ones I took between 1961 and 1963. Even as a small boy, I was interested in photography and bought myself my first camera, a PIONIR. I often used to visit my birthplace with the camera and take photos of many of the people in the village, distributing copies of the photos that turned out well simply for the pleasure of doing so. The camera I had then was very simple and cheap, but the only one I could afford. I was thrilled to come across my old photos again in the collections of the people still living there when I later returned to research and collect information and photos from that time.

Although I had never given a thought to whether I would ever need the negatives to those photos again at the time, I had rolled them up carefully, put them in small aluminium containers and kept them in a safe place to protect them from external influences. They spent the past 50 years in the suitcases of my youth and have travelled far and been stored in many basements and lofts, which is why they also survived the war of the 1990s unscathed. I have my relation Stipe/Stijepan Jakovina to thank for taking care of these suitcases and sending them to me in 2013 via my school friend Milan Milinovic, from Boljanic.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stipe, from Tuzla, for keeping them safe and Milan Milinovic for bringing them here. Apart from a handful that were a little damaged because mice had got to them as they were not as well wrapped as the rest, I have meanwhile digitised, retouched and restored all of the negatives to eliminate signs of aging. Some of them now form part of the family photo albums. The photos on this page are my favourites. 

  Stipe   Milan  
Stiyepan Jakovina
Milan Milinovic

  Mara with children   Draginca sa Cvijetinom  
The wife of Cviko Toromanovic, Darinka with children
The wife of Drago Tesanovic, Ljubica with her son Cvijetin

  Cviko i sin Mišo   Nevenka i Mirjana   Diva i Joka  
Cviko Tesanovic with his son Miso
Nevenka and Mirjana
Diva and Joka

  Duya and..   Joka and Jela   Diva i Cvijanka  
Dusanka with Miso and a girlfriend
Jovanka and Jela
Diva and Cvijanka

      Dušanka i Mišo      
Cvijanka i Borka Blaške Tešanovića Lazar Milić sa drugarom
Cvijanka Toromanovic and Borka Tesanovic
Dusanka and Miso
Lazar Milic during a family visit

  Mladjen i familija   Ja i Joja na...   Milica sa..  
Bojka and Mladen with the family
I and Joja
Milica Toromanovic with...

  Ja, Dušanka i Joja   Joja and I  
I, Dusanka and Joja Toromanovic
Below Cvikos Toromanovic Kosaca

  Dusanka i Diva   Joja, Duja i Mara  
Dusanka and Diva
Joja, Dusanka and our Mara

  Mlađen i Slavko sa  

Tesanovic Mladen, Draginj and Slavko witd his daughter Cvijanka

  Mirjana sa Jokom i odorom   Lazo i Nada Tešanović sa Zoranom  
Mirjana, Joka and Todora
Tesanovic Lazo and Nada wit their son Zoran

  Na našoj meraji  
Milos, Blasko, Cvijan, Joja and I above Toromans House

  Todora Blaškinca   Najmlađi  
Todora on Ravna Njiva
Tesanovic Miso with his Sisters, Cvijanka, Boro and Borka

  Vinka, Diva, Joka i Joja   Na meraji  
Vinka, Diva, Joka and Joja
Kolimers generations from the 1960

  Pod Jeribasmom  
Below the pear tree Jeribasma, house in the background of Lazo Tesanovic

  Blaško i Todora sa dijecom   Ja i Cvijanka Slavkova   Todora i Mirjana   Blaško i Miloš sa dijecom  
Blasko and Todora with their children
With Cvijanka, daughter of Slavko above old house
Todora and Mirjana
Milos and Blasko with children


Family tree, Graphical representation
Sometimes only the generations born before 1960 are shown


Stammbaum Spasoje Tesanovic
Stammbaum Jovo Dzemat
Stammbaum Mitar Toromanovic

Photo albums by Kolimers families

  Teso Tesanovic Fotoalbum   Petra Tesanovic Micic Fotoalbum   Blagoje Tesanovic Fotoalbum   Bosko Tesanovic Fotoalbum   Cviko Tesanovic Fotoalbum  

Photo Album of
Teso Tesanovic

Photo Album of Petra Tesanovic /Micic
Photo Album of
Blagoje Tesanov
Photo Album of
Bosko Tesanovic
Photo Album of
Cviko Tesanovic

Jovo Toromanović foto album   Jovo Toromanović foto album   Jovo Toromanovic Fotoalbum   Simo Toromanovic Fotoalbum   Zivko Toromanovic Fotoalbum   Milan Toromanovic Fotoalbum   Jovo Toromanović foto album   Jovanka Toromanovic -Milic   Cviko Toromanovic Fotoalbum   Smilja Maksimovic Fotoalbum

Photo Album of
Gospa T. /Gavric

Photo Album of
Ilinka T. /Novakovic
Photo Album of
Jovo Toromanovic
Photo Album of
Simo Toromanovic
Photo Album of
Zivko Toromanovic
Photo Album of
Milan Toromanovic
Photo Album of Cvija
T. Radovanovic
Photo Album of Jovanka T. /Milic
Photo Album of
Cviko Toromanovic
Photo Album of
Smilja T. /Maksimovic

  Mijajiliovici   Bosnjakovici  
Photo Album of Mijajlovici
Photo Album of Bosnjakovici


Official Do

Zivko birth certificate
The birth certifikate of Zivko Toromanovic

Bosko birth certificate
The birth certificate of Bosko Tesanovic

Mika und Stanas Heiratsdaten
The marriage certificate of Mika Toromanovic and Vuyic Stana

Teso und Marias heiratsdaten
The marriage certificate of Teso Tesanovic and Maria Eipeldauer

Milans Geburtsdaten
The birth certifikate of Toromanovic Milan

Tejo and Petra marriage certificate
The marriage certificate of Teyo Tesanovic and Petra Jovic

Cviko birth certifikate
The birth certificate of Toromanovic Cviyetin

Toromanović pasoje i Ruža
The marriage certificate of Toromanovic Spasoye and Koyic Ruza

Gospa and Nikola marriage certificate
The marriage certificate of Gavric Nikola and Toromanovic Gospa

Toromanović Jovanka
The birth certifikate of Jovanka Toromanovic

Mićić Blagoje i Petra
The marriage certificate of Micic Blagoye and Petra Tesanovic

Toromanović Smilja
The birth certifikate of Smilja Toromanovic /Maksimovic

Novaković Milan

The marriage certificate of Milan Novakovic and Ilinka Toromanovic

Blagoje and Ljeposava marriage certificate
The marriage certificate of Blagoye and Lyeposava Stoyic

Jovo and Radojka marriage certifikate
The marriage certificate of Jovo Toromanovic and Radoyka Stevanovic

Zivko and Milica marriage certificate
The marriage certificate of Toromanovic Zivko and Milica Tesic

Simo and Draginja marriage certificate
The marriage certificate of Simo Toromanovic and Draginya Stoyanovic

Bosko and Jovanka marriage certificate
The marriage certificate of Bosko Tesanovic and Jovanka Miyaylovic

Milan and Mitra marriage certificate
The marriage certificate of Milan Toromanovic and Mitra Vuyanovic

Cviko and Darinka marriage certificate
The marriage certificate of Cviko Toromanovic and Darinka Sekulic

Milić Cvijan i Jovanka
The marriage certificate of Cviyan Milic and Jovanka Toromanovic

Cviko und Darinka Heiratsdaten
The marriage certificate of Cviyetin /CvikoToromanovic and Darinka Sekulic

Cvijetin and Mara marriage certificate
The marriage certificate of Cviyetin Tesanovic and Mara Boyic

Maldjen and Bojka marriage certificate
The marriage certificate of Mladen Tesanovic and Boyka Janyic

Vjenčani zapis Dušanke i Ljubčeta
The marriage certificate of Popovski Lyubce and Dusanka Toromanovic

Memorial stone of Uropa Lazo

Lazo monument
Headstone on the grave of grandfather Lazo, born 1881, erected by my father, Bosko, and my mother, Jovanka


Primary school in Tesici

  Miće Simića razred  
From primary school in Tesici, teachers Svetozar Pavicevic

  Moja školska u Tešićima  
From the second class in primary school Tesici. Joja Toromanovic and I in the third row from left to right second and third.

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