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Dear Family, Dear Friends of the Kolimer Internet portal,
There’s been a long break, almost five years, since I did any work on this portal, but the break was worth it. The sun now shines on my life once more and more brightly than ever before. Everything has become much better, just what I wished for in my teenage days. Life has generally been good to me, but I had no idea, never dreamed that it could unexpectedly get even better. At the end of 2014 I met my angel, my Christy. At the age of 68, when I was resolved to spend the rest of my life on my own, she came to me across the dance floor and asked for a dance.
That’s how our new start in life began. Hard to believe, but with each new day we spent together, we discovered how much we had in common. We were both so happy to have found each other that after knowing each other for about nine months, we decided to move in together. That was in early October 2015. We live in a green, peaceful area east of the centre of Hamburg, have rediscovered “Bella Italia” as a holiday destination, visited Paris, the city of love, several times and become firm fans of the city. We are out and about in our beloved Hamburg almost every day, occasionally also to dances in the evening. Life is wonderful and we want to keep on enjoying it

A dreamlike encounter in Hamburg's TANGO dance palace
Wir im Tango

  Tango in Tango   Am Sylvesterabend 2014  
With Friends in the ROCKSTAR Caffe TANGO
With you and tango in TANGO
"Theo allein zu Hause -Im Lokstedt
Spring 2015, "Theo alone at home", - still in Lokstedt

In summer 2015, a common home for both of us in Boberg


Unsere Terrasse
Our terrace is like our home
zu hause
2015, autumn in the front yard
Our settlement in autumn 2015
Zuhause im Herbst
Our housing estate in spring 2016
Die Wohnanlage
Our housing estate in spring 2016

In 2016, our "Bella Italia" - Cinque Terre


Cinque Terre
Bella Italia - Cinque Terre / Manarola
Our Portofino
In front of the Eiffel tower
In Paris
Place de la Concorde

You can view further photos of us using the link at the end of this page.


Our Kolimer portal, dear family and friends, has now been online for 10 years, and I would like to mark the anniversary by making some new additions that I haven’t managed to post since 2014. But the most important news I would like to report is that our lost son, brother, Kolimer native, originally named Ljubimko Toromanovic alias Fahrudin Agusi, the son of Dusanka Toromanovic, is back among us. I myself was so moved and at the same time enchanted by the knowledge that I immediately notified his family. We would have had this information far earlier, but sadly the civil war in our country posed many obstacles and caused a great deal of confusion. Please see THE AGUSI FAMILY
for the full story.

I'm 2016 with the son Dzemil, to visit the Hamburg

  Fahrudin   Jannie von Driel   Dennis in Hamburg   Mit Familie Agusi in Hamburg  
Jannie and son Dennis
Hasniya and Denis, son Jamel and Christy in Hamburg , Jun 2016
Theo, Jamel, Dennis and Hasnia

Another piece of news is that our family member Denis Toromanovic, son of Ratko and Rosa Toromanovic, has offered to take on the administration of the Kolimer family portal. We will meet to transfer all rights to him in the middle of next year, so in 2020. I am bringing my work on this presentation of the families of our birthplace to an end, but will continue to assist Denis for as long as I live and he needs me to. If you have any questions, please contact Denis either personally or via Facebook:

Also new is that, after lengthy consideration, I have decided to set up a guestbook on the site, which can be accessed via a link under "Info & Co". It would give me great pleasure to read your comments, suggestions for improvement, praise and criticism. It is the job of the administrator to read and evaluate any feedback that comes in and to include it in the guestbook – that way, we can avoid having any unwanted spam on the website. Please submit your feedback by using the form “Write”, for which the link is also under "Info & Co"

Oh, and another thing, as we, my Christy and I, both have a channel on YouTube with over 40 travel and music films that we’ve published, we have also created a link to it in one of the charts under “Info & Co”, it is marked with the following graphic link nach yt. Take a look and see what you think of what we’ve posted and write us a brief comment. There’s also a photo album of our life together there.

All the very best to you all and I embrace you and remember, please always be kind to everyone you meet every day.

Yours truly,
C. Tesanovic Theo, 17.12.2019 in Hamburg


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